Commercial Execution

I believe that the right mindset makes the difference between success and failure, in every situation and especially in a commercial role.

Evert is determined to deliver results and wants to ensure that the participant develops additional skills.
Chris Suiker
Managing Director
Wholesale Distribution Benelux

That is why throughout the commercial execution program, enforcing mindset and building empowering beliefs is the red line.

Besides mindset a well structured approach towards commercial execution is needed.

My approach consists of tools for in depths analyses of customers, competition and keyplayers, tools for planning and structuring meetings and negotiations and in the end best practices to transform customers into ambassadors.

as well as analyses, time and effort is spend on optimizing delivery on a behavioural level.

The 2-day training program was a combination of seriousness and good humor which was all possible given the constructive atmosphere created by Evert.

The program is set up in a way that it is immediately applicable in the practice. Proven results are: increase in effectiveness and self-confidence of the sales force, increase in turnover and improved customer retention.