Implementation of continuous improvement - Carglass

A saying is: “you get one point for the idea, ten points for the plan and one hundred points for the execution”

Too often organizations spend a lot of time defining strategy but neglect to effectively execute.

That is why I believe in a compact strategy, easy to communicate with a clear customer promise. The strategy consists of why do we do what we do, how do we do it and eventually what is it we do to fulfil customer’s needs and exceed expectations.

Strategy execution is all about stakeholder engagement, all involved need to know why we are going, where we are going, what the route is and how they themselves can contribute. Leading by example and personal ownership are key.

Eventually I thrive for a culture of continuous improvement and awareness for development within the organization, all from a customer’s point of view.

Evert has fantastically facilitated the process from designing our ambition and turning it into concrete results. Especially the translation towards desired behaviour from all involved resulted in development and progress.
Evert applies a well-structured approach towards the desired results, accompanied by inspiring practical examples and very well guided discussions. Thanks!
Bob van Ierland
Director International Parcels
PostNL Pakketten Benelux B.V.